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PVC Lay Flat Hose Use A Wide Range
- Jul 25, 2017 -

PVC Lay Flat Hose Use a wide range

In the domestic production industry, PVC is widely used, and the status of PVC hose plays a decisive role. PVC hose in the domestic pipeline occupied 70% of the share of investment hot spots are here. But it is this almost blind focus on investment, leading to PVC hose industry into a surplus of excess capacity. Serious supply and demand imbalance so that many of the production enterprises in order to compete for the market and competing to lower prices, much lower than the cost of production costs to attract users, and reasonable industry profits in this vicious competition was squeezed. In order to profit, some manufacturers began to add a large number of PVC filler in the filler material, and wall thickness and other indicators to start the hands and feet, and this poisonous cessation of short-sighted behavior also led to the user's PVC hose does not trust. As a result, PVC hose market into a lower and lower prices, the quality of more and more times the cycle, so that in Beijing and other markets, many designers in the choice of pipe even when the PVC hose into the list, Turn to choose to install complex, high cost of cast iron pipe. PVC pipe production line is a plastic pipe production line, this equipment, with a safe, efficient, non-toxic and so on, the production of products is very suitable for use in water supply, chemical and other fields. PE pipe production line production of the product structure is uniform, the use of high performance, while ensuring water supply health, but also to ensure the full use of water resources. Take a look at the PE pipe also has what characteristics.

PE pipe production line features a lot, summed up to this equipment is the production of products, the clinker product characteristics, through the processing technology, in the product completely displayed. For example, plastic products in the use of the process, can resist electricity, humid air corrosion, long life and so on. With the development of modern industry, hoses play an important part in industry. Plastic hose can be divided into a completely airtight, watertight, mainly for gas, water heaters and so on; the other is to continue to wrap with the material, the ordinary plastic corrugated hose for the protection of the cable, Mainly used for machine tools, telephone and so on.

Nowadays, we encounter plastic hoses are also more common, there is a great deal of flexibility between the pitch; can be telescopic, telescopic type is better. There is no clogging and stiffness; plastic hose light weight, the mouth diameter of the same; in the flexibility, the plastic hose can be heavy burden bending, good around; plastic hose wear resistance, can prevent the tube wire is damaged ; Plastic hose can be bent, tensile performance and side is also strong; soft surface smooth, easy to thread and install.